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MTTC Ladder

Rules for TT Ladder

1)    The ladder consists of 2 Divisions: A and B.  The ladder will run until the end of the season in June.

2)   Prizes will be awarded to the top 6 players in Division A and top 3 players in Division B.  Also,top 3 players in Division B automatically move up to Division A, and the bottom 3 players in Division A move to Division B.

3)   A player in each Division may challenge someone else who is 5 or less positions above.  Those players who are not at the Club that night can be skipped.

4)   Only one challenge is allowed against same player per night.  Players may also challenge up to a higher Division, but are limited to one per night.

5)   The challenge match is three out of five 11-point games.  If the challenger wins, he moves above the opponent, and the players below move down accordingly.

6)   If the winner moves to the next Division, then the bottom player in that Division moves to the lower Division.

7)   Players may still play non-ladder matches, but the challenger must tell his opponent when it’s a ladder match.

8)   It is the responsibility of the winning challenger to move the names on the board to reflect results of matches.

9)   Please keep this process honest, and the board in clean working condition.